“A superb storyteller who captivates his audience.  Also a thoroughly nice guy to work with.  Very popular at Wickham, we’d recommend him to anyone”

Peter Chegwyn, Director Wickham Festival

"When I first took over the Elm Tree I wanted to create something unique in Cambridge - booking The Travelling Talesman (Cliff) was a risk, I didn't know any pubs locally that put on storytelling nights and with the distance and petrol involved it wasn't going to be cheap - it was an instant success and almost eight years later his nights here are the first that I book in every year."

Rob Wain, Manager The Elm Tree pub, Cambridge.


"The Travelling Talesman has performed at our venue five times, each time more lovely and well attended than the previous one - we even ran out of chairs the last few occasions! Cliff is professional, reliable, super friendly and a pleasure to work with and very proactive in promoting his events. His show is self-contained, using simple props to create a unique setting each time - and setup and packdown are always easy and quick. He has definitely built a strong following of regulars here and a growing number of newcomers.
Here's what some of our audience members had to say about his shows:
'Truly bardic, after the old manner.'
'Low key yet very entertaining'
'....he was wonderful and a must see again'"

Jani Frank, Manager The Art House, Southampton

"Thanks for a great performance yesterday at the Hawthorns pub- really really enjoyed it. Lots of laughs, changes of mood, sound effects and an EPIC Breton tale. I also loved the Arabian story. So much food for the imagination."

Gerry S, facebook, after The Dark Arts gig at Hawthorns Hotel in Glastonbury.

"Epic! Well worth the five hour round trip"

John Geiger from Barry after the Talesman's Viking Raid at The Ale House in Reading.

"Enthralling. Enchanting. Terrific!"

Marilyn Isherwood, Spring Gardens Arts Centre, High Wycombe.

"An engaging performer who has storytelling down to a fine art.
His musicianship and acting ability had all spellbound...
...a magical and enjoyable trip to the Underworld."

Jane Howard, South Hill Park.